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Fees for Non-NHS Services

Fees For Non-NHS Services As From March 2018


Private Letter £25.00
Private Letter Wanted Within Two Working Days £35.00
Private Sick Note £17.00
Passport/Driving Form/Photograph £40.00
Private Prescriptions For Drugs For Travelling Abroad £17.00
Freedom From Infection Certificate £40.00
Vaccination Certificate £17.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate £50.00
Fitness To Travel Certificate Only £25.00
With Examination (Extract From Records) £50.00


Hep A/B Combined Per Injection Adult (3 Doses Needed) £60.00
Hep A/B Combined Per Injection Child (3 Doses Needed) £40.00
Hep B (Adult) Per Injection (Course Of 3) £40.00
Hep B (Child) Per Injection(3 Doses Needed) £27.00
Meningitis ACWY Per Injection £50.00
Rabies (Per Injection) £55.00


Private Medical Health Claim Forms (Bupa/PPP Etc) £40.00
School Fees Insurance Claim Form £40.00
Holiday/Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form £40.00
Sickness/Accident Short Certificate Without Examination £17.00
Employer Report And Opinion Without Examination £86.00
With Examination £120.00
Access To Records Under Data Protection Act (Statutory Fee) Computerised Records £10.00
Manual Or Mixed Records £30.00 - £50.00
Copies Of Records For Patients (Under Access To Healthcare Records Act 1999) 50p (Per Sheet)
HPC Health Ref Form £22.85
Housing Form/Letter £25.00

Medical Examinations

Pre-Employment Medical With Report £120.00
Taxi Medical/ LGV/PSV Medical Examination £100.00
Elderly Driver Fitness Examination £40.00
Racing Driver Fitness Examination £100.00
Sports Medical With Report e.g. Scuba Diving £86.00
Seat Belt Exemption Examination £86.00
Adoption Medical £100.00
Fit To Attend School Exam With Medical £86.00
Day Care Provider £86.00
Child Minder Report £86.00
Ofsted Report £86.00
Pilots Medical Without Exam £86.00
With Exam £100.00
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