Named GP

Named GP for patients aged 0 - 74 years.

From 1st April 2015 all patients should be advised who their ‘named GP’ is.

  • Patients aged 75 and over were advised last year who their named GP was and all of those patients should have that information. Please ask if you aren’t sure.
  • From 1st April this year 2015/2016 we have been asked to give this information to patients of any age and we are now advising patients, or their carers for patients from 0-74 years, who their named GP is.
  • This does not affect your care in any way and as always you can see, subject to availability, the doctor of your choice.
  • The doctor you see may not be your named GP as this is the doctor on whose list you are allocated. This was originally allocated by the health authority and that GP is responsive for co-ordinating aspects of your care though you can see any doctor in the practice if they are available.
  • This information will be given to you when you have contact with the practice either at reception or during a consultation with a clinician.
  • And this information is also included on the white part (right side) of prescriptions we issue.
  • If the information isn’t offered to you and you would like to know, please ask the person you speak to who your ‘named GP’ is.

Please speak to one of the receptionists if you require any further information.

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