Covid-19 Vaccinations

Ready for a second dose?

You must not be in a period of isolation or quarantine

Vaccine doses are more effective when they are given atleast eight weeks apart.

So to give you the best possible protection from COVID-19, if you received your first dose less than eight weeks ago, you will need to have your 2nd vaccination at a later date.

Second Dose Intervals

We are aware that there has been some confusing messaging in the media around the second dosing interval.

This short summary describes the current national policy position so that you have up-to-date information about when second doses should be given and why. We understand that sites have had to manage some assertive individuals in relation to this issue, so we hope that this script will help you explain the position, alongside any de-escalation techniques needed to handle situations.

The national position remains the same. It is based on JCVI guidance as described in the Green Book.

All second doses should be given at least 8 weeks apart unless there is a clinical reason for it to be given any earlier. i.e. prior to immunisation treatment or transplant.

Second dose intervals:

  • This site follows the current national guidance on dosing intervals for second doses which states that second doses must be given at least eight weeks apart.
  • We are aware that there are mixed messages in the mainstream media about this which is causing some confusion for individuals, however having your second dose at least eight weeks after the first will give you the best possible protection from the delta variant.
  • The manufacturer recommended dose intervals were based on data at the time of the clinical trials; Public Health England and JCVI now have real world data from the billions of vaccinations given worldwide that show   a longer dosing interval between first and second doses offers individuals even more protection. This is especially important in the context of rising case rates and the delta variant.
  • Therefore, we won’t be giving you your second dose any earlier than 8 weeks unless there is a clinical reason to do so.
  • It is still really important for you to have a second dose so that you can get the best possible protection, so please come back at 8 weeks. You can book an appointment in advance through the National Booking System, or come to a walk-in session after 8 weeks if that is best for you.

The above messages should only be used when it is clear that the individual is willing to listen to the responses given. Should the situation escalate, and you feel unsafe at any time then we recommend that you use the S.A.F.E.R. model, and ask for support from colleagues.

All incidents of aggressive behaviour should be reported.


Please download the NHS app to obtain information on your vaccines, or should you require a paper version please contact 119.

We are asking that you do not contact the surgery.

The Covid vaccination programme will shortly be underway in Redbridge. As the vaccination programme gets underway we will invite patients who are eligible to have the vaccine to book their appointments.

For now we ask our residents to help us deliver this effectively to those who need it most by doing the following :

  1. Wait to be invited for your vaccine - you will be contacted when it's the right time to come forward so please don't seek a vaccine before then.
  2. Act on your invite and make sure you attend your appointments when you arrange them 

And of course, stay safe by following all the social distancing and hand hygiene guidance which will still save lives.

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