Are You a CARER?

Did you know there is support available if you are a carer?

You may be looking after a spouse/relative/friend and just assumed the role without calling yourself a carer

If this is the case, you may be a carer. More importantly, you may need help and support yourself.

Please fill a short form in reception letting us know you are a Carer and arrange a Carer’s Assessment now!

We now have a dedicated Care Navigator at the practice. ARRANGE A CARER'S ASSESSMENT NOW

A Carer’s Assessment is a discussion with a healthcare or social worker about what services are available to help you.

The assessment can be done in person or over the telephone.

Did you know that a Carer can receive:

  • Practical Support
  • Financial Support
  • Benefits advice
  • Support at work
  • Local groups
  • Respite care

Types of Support:

1. Financial – Benefits are available related to costs related to disability, low income or unemployment. Arrange a carer’s assessment to find out more.

2. Employment support -  Flexible Working Hours, How to get back into employment,  Protection from discrimination,  Right to parental leave, taking time off in emergencies.

3. Carer’s Health – Respite care, time to look after your own health, GP appointments, Flu vaccines, routine health checks, Improve wellbeing.

4. Social Support – Counselling,  reducing social isolation

Click here for a leaflet with further information.

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